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Admissions Editing

Magic words can make all the difference. Is your application essay going to open doors—or close them?

Today’s college applicants face more pressure than even those of just ten years ago: with the number of applications rising faster than the number of available spots, acceptance rates have fallen precipitously.

How, then, can you set yourself apart from the thousands of other applicants with similarly spectacular grades and test scores, similarly superlative-stuffed recommendations, similarly serious-sounding extracurriculars?

The answer is your essay. In an increasingly impersonal process, your essay may well be your best, last, and only chance to distinguish yourself from the crowd. In short, your essay can make or break your entire application. And that’s a lot of pressure. Where do you even start?

North Star Editing can help you catch and hold the admissions committee’s attention with an essay worthy of their closed-door deliberations, earning you the congratulatory email and the thick envelope you’ve been hoping for. Writing an application essay with North Star comes with three key advantages:

1. Stellar Guidance

Most applicants need not just editing, but guidance. I can help you say all the right things—and none of the wrong ones—in a fresh, original way. If you're feeling lost or frustrated, you don't need to go it alone. Look to North Star Editing for stellar guidance.

2. Personalized Product

At North Star, I'll help you find the words you didn't know you had in you. I'll not only help you identify the best ideas you've already had, but I'll also help you brainstorm new ones, and then I'll help you express those ideas in your own voice. By working with you instead of for you, I will help you to produce a polished statement that is truly personal.

3. Grammatical Guarantee

Every North Star-edited essay comes with a comprehensive Grammatical Guarantee: should you find even a single grammatical mistake in your completed essay, then I'll give you your money back. (To date, I'm at zero refunds and counting.)


The North Star Advantage

Application essays sometimes have only a few seconds to catch the attention of an overworked admissions officer whose eyes glaze over with every quote, adage, and cliché. Don’t let your essay get lost in the shuffle. With the three advantages outlined above, the magic words of a North Star-edited essay will open doors for you at your school of choice. 

If you’re ready to get started, then select the right level of service for you:




Admissions Editing

Most Affordable

Have a draft that's falling short of what you set out to write? Let's close the gap between intention and execution to make your application as strong as it can possibly be.


Admissions Editing

Most Popular

Feeling lost or frustrated? Don't even know where to start? Let's work together through every step of the writing process to get you into the school of your dreams.


Admissions Editing

Most Support

Don't want to leave anything to chance? Let's make sure your essays and the rest of your written materials tell a strong and consistent story tailored to each college on your list.



  • North Star Editing Engineering School Application Review

    "I have received editing service from a couple different popular editors on the leading editing websites before. And Michael is the best! He truly cares about my success in grad school application and did a great job presenting my best image in the personal statement and resume. As an ESL student studying engineering, I’m thrilled to see that English or writing isn’t my drawbacks in my application anymore. Working with Michael is also a great learning experience. Highly recommend!"


  • North Star Editing Medical School Application Review

    "Writing has never been my strong suit and so I always worry when I have to write for applications. Fortunately, I didn't have to do it alone. After working with Michael on my medical residency application, I got 17 interview invitations—before the medical school even sent out my dean's letter! He asked all of the right questions to help me express what I had been trying to say, and the result was the essay I had imagined but couldn't write on my own. Michael is fantastic at what he does, and he can do the same for you!"


  • "After working with Michael on my law school applications, I received a full-tuition scholarship to a top-25 law school. After working with Michael again three years later to complete my resume and cover letter, I landed the job I wanted as a corporate attorney despite the difficult legal job market. I'm not saying that Michael's the reason I got accepted or hired, just that he's a straight-up sorcerer with words."


  • North Star Editing Engineering Program Review

    "When I was applying to college, my brother, Robert, raved about his experience working with Michael and strongly encouraged me to do the same. I worked with Michael on my college application and got a scholarship, and then I worked with him again on my resume and landed an internship with a civil engineering firm. As usual, Robert was right. I can't say enough good things about Michael."


  • North Star Editing MBA Review

    "Michael helped me get into my first-choice professional MBA program, and then after working with me on my resume, he helped me advance my career by landing my current position in marketing. I couldn’t be happier with my experience working with Michael."


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