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Want to give your college student a leg up in the competitive job market?

Applying for a job is hard because you have to sell yourself in a buyer's market. Most people are not natural salesmen, and selling yourself is even harder. That's why so many people sell themselves short.

The problem is even worse for today's college students, who face a job market so bleak they often need experience for an entry-level position. They end up applying blindly to as many jobs as possible when what they really need is guidance.

In just three hours, North Star will have your kid's star on the rise.

Send your college students and new grads to my College Resume and Interview Workshop and they'll leave with clarity on the unique value they stand to contribute. For the price of our most popular resume-editing package, they'll get:

1. A Stellar New Resume that will command attention from employers who haven't been giving them the time of day.

2. Guided Interview Practice that will leave them feeling newly confident and their prospective bosses star-struck.

3. A Signature Strengths Consultation to help them better understand what sets them apart and explain it to others in clear, compelling language.

I created North Star to share my talent for helping young adults discover what they bring to the table and then put it into words—powerful words that can open doors. I'm a Yale interviewer and a corporate consultant, so I know what top schools and companies are looking for.

And I can reach your kids: I'm an award-winning English professor, and I pride myself on making my classes engaging and fun.

Caveat emptor, though: my dad jokes are well documented.

If your kid has big dreams but her resume is just a list of extracurriculars, send her to my workshop. She'll learn how to speak the language that employers are looking for, and she'll get a chance to practice using it in small groups.

But to keep the groups small, space is limited, so don't delay!


Price: $799

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